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Never use a dull instrument again! We are a mobile dental sharpening service in the Toronto area. We come to your practice and take your instruments to our fully equipped van where they are carefully and professionally sharpened and returned to you in 1-2 hours. We also accept instruments sent to us by mail. Check out our Google Reviews


We produce a sharp cutting edge that maintains the original shape and design of the instrument


Same day turnaround. No more shipping instruments away and waiting weeks for them to be returned

Pre-book and Save

We recommend our service every 3-4 months. When you pre-book appointments with us you save $0.50 per scaler/curette tip.


A portion of all sales go to OHTH, a non-profit dedicated to improving the oral health of persons with special needs AND a portion of sales will also go to gift from the heart



Increased client safety and comfort

Decreased probability of client soft tissue injury due to instrument slippage

Decreased probability of operator repetitive strain injury

Decreased operator fatigue


Increased dental appointment efficiency (less chair time)

Decreased probability of burnished calculus

Increased quality of client comfort, care and treatment

Decreased amount, duration, and pressure of operator working strokes

Let us do the work! No more nails on a chalk board sound when sharpening in the office


Accurate sharpening, done routinely, will help extend the life of dental instruments


Scalers/curettes:   $3 per tip

Elevators:   $6 per tip

Spoon excavators:   $3 per tip

Molt curettes:   $4 per tip


Q. How do mail-in appointments work?

A. First make an appointment. Then print and fill out our order form and send it in with your instruments.

Please ensure your package arrives AT LEAST ONE DAY PRIOR to your scheduled appointment. We will sharpen your instruments on the day you booked and they will be sent out to you the next business day.

Q. How do you sharpen the instruments?

A. We sharpen mostly by hand using various sharpening stones or with our top of the line sharpening machine. We test each instrument for sharpness with an acrylic test stick.

Q. Do the instruments need to be sterile when we give them to you?

A. Yes all instruments are required to be sterilized before pick up.

Q. Do we need to sterilize our instruments after sharpening?

A. Yes all instruments must be sterilized after they are returned to your office.

Q. How long does the sharpening take?

A. For same day mobile service it will take approximately 1-2 hours depending on how many instruments you need sharpened.
For mail-in orders your instruments are sharpened on the day of your appointment and sent out to you the next business day.

Q. Where do you sharpen the instruments?

A. For same day mobile service we have a fully equipped van where we will sharpen the instruments right outside of (or very close to) your office.

Q. How often should we book our professional sharpening appointments?

A. We recommend having your instruments professionally sharpened every 3-4 months. Every office will vary and you can set your own schedule.

Q. Do you offer re-tipping?

A. No we do not.

Q. Do you sharpen veterinary instruments?

A. Yes we do (veterinary scalers curettes and elevators only).

Q. Do you sharpen all brands of hygiene instruments?

A. Yes we do!


Mobile Appointments

Toronto and the GTA

We come to you. Call or email to book.



Mail-In Appointments

USA and Canada

Mail us your instruments.
For mail-in appointments, please book an appointment online then download the order form and send it along with your instruments.

Please ensure instruments arrive at least one day prior to your scheduled appointment.


My name is Summer Lewis. I am a registered dental hygienist and former dental assistant with over 15 years of experience in the dental industry. I created Diamond Sharp because I saw a great need for a same day dental sharpening service in the GTA.